Do not leave it until 5 minutes before the deadline and be aware that it could take longer at busy times. If you want to remain neutral: Instructions below are for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Wherever practicable such illustrative matter should have left and right hand margins of at least 3 centimetres and, if possible, be placed in the assignment near the appropriate text. M Magazine article See Journal article. Leeds University Library, Brotherton Collection. A more perfect union.

The alleged al-Qaida threat to Los Angeles. Desktop Anywhere is accessible by going to http: Properly acknowledging the sources of information that you use when conducting your research is also important in order to avoid plagiarism. Levitating woman maquette for ‘The Dreamer’. American Journal of Physics.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

Photograph taken at Gallipoli by Ernest Roux. This example shows different kinds of changes to the original quotation: This means “look under” and directs the reader to find it under another heading, in this case the section. Event name if applicabledate, location for where the poster was exhibited.

Dante sonata, The Royal Ballet. Ensure that you have included the LUBS cover sheet as the first page of your assignment. Monday 21st September New Students Postgraduate: URL Google Earth 5. Direct quotations of more than two lines A direct quotation of more than two lines: This consists of fuller details of the publication e. Book of the week, episode 3, Permanent present tense. Desktop Anywhere is accessible by going to http: Wilson,cited in Smith,p.


lubs assessed coursework coversheet

There is nothing surprising in this. This is usually preferable to direct quotes, as the reference fits more neatly into your own style of writing. If the lecturer is drawing from a published source, you should find that source for use in your own work you can always ask coversbeet reading suggestions if you like an idea.

Lubs assessed coursework coversheet

House name abbreviated ie HC or HL series number, parliamentary session. Book online See e-book. CamelCase uses multiple words that are joined together as a single word concatenation. When submitting your assignment please refer to the guidance provided.

If you know the year that article will be coursewkrk Returning failed asylum applicants. Instructions below are for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Paraphrasing When you paraphrase, you use your own words. This is possible as long as you don’t change the meaningbut you must follow the rules: For online copies of reports, reference these using the same format as e-book. This is unlikely to be an issue unless your work relies on very high quality images.

Referencing and submission guidance

Map of the countries lying between Spain and India, 1: Check which abbreviation is required for Command, as this varies for different historical periods. Bibliography A full bibliography of all the texts which have been sourced in the text of the assignment should be included. Editor s If you are referencing a book with an editor rather than an author, this should be indicated in the reference.


References and Sourcing Good academic practice Referencing is the acknowledgment of the sources that you used when producing your piece of work. If you want to show you agree with the reference, or that it has validity: Acknowledging your sources of information also helps to demonstrate how widely you have read around your subject and on what authority you base your arguments or conclusions.

If you name your assignment with any other title, it will not be considered a correct submission. Title of the presentation [PowerPoint presentation]. Please note that it is not acceptable to convert text to images to evade the word limit – electronic submissions will be checked for instances of this and use of this tactic could be perceived as an attempt to deceive the examiner.