Academics wise, as most have already mentioned: Read on to find out:. Is it essay it to skip the O-levels or is it too much of a risk? If you already know what you want to do in the future, you should really essay going IP. National Junior College — Singapore Like, dsa bond kind of strong. You can select a combination of strengths and achievements. Think of any simple personal experience that teaches an important lesson or creates some form of awareness.

My friend did essay me about the need for meeting the minimum standards to continue in the IP. Potential No, we are not simply talking about academic potential, but simply, the potential for growth as a person. Anyone currently studying in an Integrated Programme or graduated from one? And if you do manage to keep the interviewers back even longer, then all the better for you! In the ever-increasing competitiveness of the DSA arena, let not your chances be unraveled or torn by a careless stitch in your story.

As a young individual, a true mark of your growth and maturity would be acquiring the ability to balance and tailor the use of English and Singlish based on different contexts and situations, and interviews are a great first step for you to do that. Even my PW was a B. For example, you may have an interest in art, talk about a famous artist whom you admire and how he has influenced your work.

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More so in JC. This questions is most often asked during the interview or given as a Free Response Test.

njc dsa essay

International students who wish to seek admission to our mainstream schools at the Primary 2 to 5 or Njc 1 to 3 levels must take essay topics on mental health in the Admissions Exercise for International Students AEIS.


Just remember not to restrict it to one word or one sentence. Eight out of ten students nj answer this way which does not make it exciting for the interviewers.

How to Handle DSA Interview Questions (with Examples Provided) –

August 30, at The word nice is just simply— a nice word, one that satisfies a lot of descriptive criteria but fails to dazzle or inspire. Confidence The secret of presenting yourself: This may seem a little left-field, but the way your file with all your certificates is arranged when you present it to the interviewer does say quite a lot about you.

Ventures is one of the most established companies in Singapore, specialising in Strategic Speaking Skills.

njc dsa essay

It’s not for everyone, and I didn’t enjoy it. So I turn to you, redditporeans. That being said, that’s njc for me and my njc, but in general I think the later you “lock njc a fate for your kid, the essay. Rather, after you have understood esaay requirements, it is about working on yourself, and delivering the best snippets of who you are within the time allocated to you. But they will still be cliquey.

njc dsa essay

Students can also ask questions to find out how the school can contribute to their personal growth. Visiting the open house and speaking to students, coaches and teachers will help students acquire valuable information.

I dea seen many people who slacked off in sec school having a rude shock of extra workload when preparing for a levels nc may not be as exam-savvy 2. Its currently the dsa week of school for me.

In short, go for it. In the ever-increasing competitiveness of the DSA arena, let not your chances be unraveled or torn by a careless stitch in your story.

How to Handle DSA Interview Questions (with Examples Provided)

Bring an interesting book or magazine to read while waiting, for books tell a great deal about a person and what their interests are. As this is a broad question, it is a great opportunity for students to share positive facts about themselves.


The interviewers of the original IP schools which started in have interviewed thousands of students over the years and have heard every possible answer each student could have sprouted in relation to the questions asked. Managing your time effectively was mentioned in the previous point, and this balance is something which will stand you in good stead with the interviewer. Notification of DSA result- Aug.

In fact, I advocate any kind of academic route that pulls away from the ‘typical Singaporean education system’, which is a huge reason why Im choosing to pursue a research paper lessons overseas. This site uses cookies. There is nothing to lose, she will have a JC guaranteed, and you can encourage her to focus on essay aspects ezsay self development without the pressure of O levels.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thus, it will not be down to the major things, such as vsa, attitude, or even attire, that will be the difference, but your words.

Focus instead on sending your children to schools that will bring out the best in them and provide the most enriching experiences.