Progress reports represent not only the writers work but the writers organizational and communication skills. The student can view the details of submission in Turnitin. Indicate the date that the report is sent. Only, the final report generated on the due date of hardbound thesis shall be considered by the College. It could define the general approach to how the project and its output s will be realized o Implementation issues and Challenges 1 2 paragraph What will be the most difficult issues and challenges in the implementation? Conditions for Completion of Project 12

The end product is a design or product. The maximum allowable duration of project extension is one month. The students are required to make necessary corrections to the thesis, and submit to the College Administration Office by the stipulated deadline the following items: Ability to present and discuss results; Ability to present a good report physical setup, language, tidiness. Student is required to meet the supervisor to collect a Letter of Approval, maximum two weeks after the draft thesis due date.

uniten thesis guideline

The logbook will be evaluated. The following is a sample outline that contains vital elements in a students project proposal. There is an example of Progress Report guudeline the Appendix 2. Note that weekends and public holidays are NOT considered in the late submission calculation. Indicate the students name.

Assessment Criteria for Project II Below is unitten outline on writing a progress report. Assessment Criteria for Project I The assessment will be based on the six 6 considerations as follows: The following are some of the responsibilities of students taking the final year project: Maximum pages allowed for the report is 3 pages. Tell the reader what the project is and clarify its purpose and time scale.


Fyp Guidelines v9 May – [PDF Document]

It should contain the following standard elements: Conditions for Completion of Project Project 1 is the prerequisite to Project 2.

The supervisor will be consulted in this matter. Enrollment key can be obtained for the respective FYP coordinators. Specify the dates of the next segment of time in the project and outline a schedule of the work you expect to get accomplished during the period.

Ability to use presentation tools, appropriate attire and good time keeping; Ability to communicate orally language, fluency and flow of presentation ; Ability to discuss concisely and briefly about technical work; Ability to answer questions with justifications.

If the project proposal or progress report or thesis is due at 4. What makes your project unique? To finish the progress report, you might add a sentence evaluating your progress thus far. Project II is a ghideline of Project I. It contains the improved contents of the Project Proposal, Progress Report 1 3 together with discussions, results and findings, conclusions and recommendations for future work.

Note that all questions for a section may not apply to all students, and should.

uniten thesis guideline

Periodic updates and materials related to the course 4 will be posted here. Nonetheless, students in Project I are required to attend a day intense course on Research Methodology, which will be held together for all departments.


Do not delve into details or timelines.

It could define the general approach to how the project and its output s will be realized o Implementation issues and Challenges 1 2 paragraph What will be the most difficult issues and challenges in the implementation? Adequacy unihen the content of the logbook as an acceptably good preliminary report; 8 Organization of the logbook; Tidiness of the logbook; The Logbook must be submitted to the supervisor by the stipulated deadline.

Definition of the Final Year Project Project I is to be taken as a unitsn to Project II. Please refer to the FYP calendars.

Fyp Guidelines v9 May2013

The draft of the thesis is to be submitted to the College Admin Counter at the ground floor by the stipulated deadline refer to FYP calendar. Students are required to be aware of all due dates pertaining to the project. Referencing in the thesis is also important. If the content of the thesis is found to be clearly plagiarized, the thesis will not be accepted for grading.

Even though progress reports are often in the form of a memo, the writer should be careful to write formal, standard prose. References o List references used to compile proposal and references that will be used for project if already known.

uniten thesis guideline