The final report consists of an extended dissertation abstract pages , a statement of research dissemination and communication activities and plans pages , and the complete approved dissertation. How does the methodology relate specifically to the research question? Census Bureau, the National Institutes of Health, or other federal agencies. The aim of the program is to advance fundamental knowledge of relevance to STEM policy, foster significant science using education data, and build research capacity in education and learning. Funding Disbursement Funding will be linked to the approval of the progress report and final report. Studies that examine issues of specific racial and ethnic groups, social classes, genders, or persons with disabilities are encouraged.

The Grants Program is open to field-initiated research and welcomes proposals that: One substantive letter of support is required from the applicant’s primary faculty dissertation advisor that includes an indication of the applicant’s current progress toward the degree and expected date of completion, and of the student’s potential for success in his or her anticipated career path. Considerations in the Development of the Proposal Applicants are strongly encouraged to read Estimating Causal Effects: Use of public or restricted-data files is permissible. The Grants Program is open to field-initiated research and welcomes proposals that:.

Studies that model achievement test data should clearly define the achievement construct and identify the kinds fellowsgip items to be used to operationalize the topic of interest. Letter s of support: Many SLDS are available for analysis and can be used to address salient issues in education research or linked with other data sets. Data Set Eligibility The dissertation research project must include the analysis of large-scale data.

PhD candidate Jessica Alzen awarded inaugural AERA-MET Dissertation Fellowship

The thrust of the analysis needs to be generalizable to a national, state, or population or a subgroup within the sample that the dataset represents.

Applicants are encouraged to capitalize on the capacity of large-scale data sets to examine diverse populations, including racial, ethnic, social class, and gender groups. Name data set s used e.


Selection bias is a recurring issue during the review process and should be addressed in the proposal. Project Dates AERA is flexible on research project start dates, depending on what is best for the applicant. If the applicant is from a discipline other than education, a second letter of support from a faculty advisor who has an education research background is also required if the primary faculty advisory does not specialize in education research.

The grantees will present their research in an invited poster session along with other graduate students who received dissertation support from AERA and other prestigious fellowship programs. An additional letter from the applicant’s employer is required as part of the application submission, stating that the dissertation project is separate from the applicant’s job duties.

Each spring AERA holds its Annual Meeting which brings together over 15, researchers, scholars, and policy leaders to present their research, share knowledge, and build research capacity through over 2, substantive sessions. Proposals are encouraged from the full range of education research fields and other fields and disciplines engaged in education-related research, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, demography, statistics, public policy, and psychometrics.

Although this second letter should focus mainly on the applicant’s qualifications, research experience, and potential, it should also include a brief paragraph on the advisor’s own education research experience.

Due to the large volume of applications received, the AERA Program is unable to provide individual feedback on unfunded proposals. Prior to receiving funding, students must provide documentation that they have permission to use the data for the research project.

aera met dissertation fellowship

In addition, statewide longitudinal administrative data systems SLDS enhanced through federal grants are also eligible for consideration. Is the applicant qualified to carry out the proposed study? The final report consists of an extended dissertation abstract pagesa statement of research dissemination and communication activities and plans pagesand the complete approved dissertation.


The AERA Grants Program provides advanced graduate students with research funding and professional development and training.

AERA encourages cost sharing from universities in the form of tuition assistance, office space, university fees, and other expenses. How does the methodology relate specifically to the research question? Also, when planning to use existing sub-scales, the applicant should describe why these sub-scales are appropriate and how they will be applied.

AERA-MET Dissertation Fellowship Program: Call for Proposals | Office of Research in Education ORE

The proposed topic must have education policy relevance, and the models to be tested must include predictor variables that are manipulable e. What is already known on the issue? Also, enter the proposal title, amount of funding requested, and the start and end dates of the project. The Grants Program is open to field-initiated research and welcomes proposals that:. Applicants should choose research topics that can be supported by the samples and variables contained in the proposed data set s.

aera met dissertation fellowship

It emphasizes the advanced statistical analysis of data sets from the U. A final report will be submitted at the end of the grant period.

AERA-MET Dissertation Fellowship Program: Call for Proposals

Please combine items as one PDF document and upload on online application. It should be submitted electronically to grantsprogram aera. Awardees may accept Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant appointments at their doctoral institutions and may have additional employment. All awards are contingent upon AERA’s receiving continued federal funding. Department of Labor, the U. Applicants for this one-year, non-renewable award should be advanced doctoral students at the dissertation writing stage, usually the last year of study.

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