What did I learn about myself? A re-admission is subject to additional fees. If you find a supervisor, apply directly to the thesis based, MSc program. Please refer to your email invitation for specific details. In retrospect, why was that surprising? Here are some tips! Be specific, give examples and use lively language to illustrate your points.

Orientation, intercultural experience, courses, language learning, co-curricular participation, intercultural communication training. A grade of C or lower is considered a fail in graduate courses. As soon as you have made an agreement with a faculty member to supervisor your project advise the MACT program coordinator. Courses that have been applied to an awarded degree cannot be counted. Reflect on your personal experience.

capstone project ualberta

If you are convocating in November i. Selecting a Supervisor Choosing the most appropriate supervisor for you and your topic is very important.

While most students choose to do a written reflection, we have accepted capstone projects in a variety projech formats, from PowerPoint presentations to posters to poems.

ECE / – Electrical Engineering Capstone Design – Lecture X01

Understanding of the interconnectedness of systems and of local and global issues. If you are convocating in June i.

If you find a supervisor, apply directly to the thesis based, MSc program. What was the highlight of the Certificate for me?


capstone project ualberta

It is your supervisor who determines when your project is satisfactorily completed. After a capstone project ca;stone been selected, please complete the following registration form: No, the Department of Mechanical Engineering requires proof of English proficiency before an applicant may be considered for graduate studies admission. Has this program answered old questions?

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If I withdraw from the program, can I reapply later? At the end of each term, graduating students present the highlights of their capstone project to one projet at an informal gathering. Typical completion times, including coursework and thesis or project where applicableare as follows: Follow a formula or copy a model capstone we have provided.

Projedt department would make any recommendations for transfer credit to the FGSR. What are your CIL takeaways? What is the difference between, and Graduate courses?

When you embark upon your research, you will, in consultation with your supervisor, negotiate agreements concerning the research to be undertaken, the frequency of supervisory meetings, and a timetable outlining your research program. Please read the Labour Market Report for information on demand for engineers with graduate degrees.

Mechanical Engineering

A re-admission is subject to additional fees. What did I learn about myself?


capstone project ualberta

Yes, you must complete ENGG Changing supervisors is possible, but not recommended. Are there alternative formats for the capstone? In retrospect, why was that surprising? Knowledge of international and global issues and systems. Honour the uniqueness of your experiences. Do I require a GRE score?

Although students work with a supervisory committee to oversee their thesis work, only one professor typically has the primary responsibility of supervising the student and providing funding support. While searching for a supervisor, you are encouraged to meet with faculty personally to establish an overlap of interests, a compatible work ethic, and prokect personal affinity. Students are invited to these sessions by email. MEC E Registration form.

May I take courses from another institution s and jalberta the credit s toward my degree from the U of A? Contact Information For inquiries and assistance regarding course selection, IDP requirements and approval, and capstone report marking, students can contact the MEng Advisor: