Li, a successful businessman, has just lost his mother. When Ying tried to hurry her, she even insisted that the ritual be done properly. Cikgu Yen, I’ve found your notes are very useful. Thursday, 9 February 3 Tanjung Rhu: We may even forget to do certain things. The persona describes how the grandmother looks in detail—the. She refused to opt for modern treatment for her cataracts.

His father owned a small shipyard there before it was torn down about thirty years ago. Based on short story Tanjung Rhu by Minfong Ho, the most important lesson that I have learnt is to be responsible. Unknown 2 May at This event completes the image of Mr Li as a filial son. Thank you so much Cikgu yen this note are very useful to me ,its help me for my ppt exam tomorrow and last minit study is suxs:

essay novel tanjung rhu

This story is focusing on Singaporean Chinese life which contrasts in terms of traditional and modern. We novrl write a custom essay sample on. To the persona, her.

essay novel tanjung rhu

Could you do like this for every short story Hope you don’t mind. This can be proved by paragraph 5, line 1 to 8 at page in the textbook.

essay novel tanjung rhu

He has two children. As a traditional thinker, she thinks that it is important to let Mr.


Times Edition — Marshall Cavendish. Your notes are very helpful They had done a lot for us and we need to appreciate it.

His mother’s Ah Ma funeral was just a day before and everything had been done correctly. Li and his wife, Helen seems not valuing noel traditional practice. What hold them together are the bond that they have between a son and a mother as well as the memories that they shared together.

Then he realized that she always kept it locked. From the discussion above, it is very clear that Mr Li and Ah Ma are very different from one another. I live in Ukraine i tanjkng a happy woman today?

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The memento helps to keep our memories alive. Then, Mr Li rushed home to the altar and looked for the joss sticks so that he can easay to his mother. Do you need money to invest in some area of specialization which will profit you? I live in Singapore and i am a happy woman today? Discussion on Tanjong Rhu Theme: She had cataracts so she could not see very well. He owns a modern office and a modern house with a swimming pool.


Li for his mother at the beginning of nobel story. Concerned about something which he could not lay his finger on he was not ready to go home.

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In a nut shell, we need to be responsible and show our filial piety for our parents. That is rh significance of the title of this poem’The Living Photograph’. Ah Ma was an old woman. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The process was fast and secure.

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This is the reason why Mr. His father owned a small shipyard there before it was torn down about thirty years ago. Li has passed away long ago. In fact, many of the modern Chinese family do not think highly of the funeral procession.