It falls in September to Octorber and lasts for 5 days. Colorful kites and voices shouting out ‘change cheat’ this phrase is usually used when one cuts the other person’s kite string fill the days during the festival. Since , when the royal family was overthrown, the two-century old tradition is changed so that the holy offering of Phulpati goes to the residence of the president. The main celebration glorifies the triumph of good over evil and is symbolized by goddess Durga slaying the terrible demon Mahisasur, who terrorised the earth in the guise of a brutal water buffalo. On this day the kalash, holy water vessel symbolising goddess Durga often with her image embossed on the side is placed in the prayer room.

Thursday, 23 May Especially communists within a country and missionaries. Retrieved 9 October In preparation for Dashain every home is cleansed nepali beautifully decorated, painted as an invitation to the mother essay, so that she may visit and bless the house with nepali fortune. Especially from the seventh to the tenth day, your costs must be much higher than the usual. With this the Dashain feasting starts.

essay on dashain now and then

The jamara is taken as a token of Goddess Durga as well as the elders blessing. The importance of Dasain also lies in the fact that on this day family members from far off and distant relatives come for a visit as well as to receive tika from the head of the family.

The swings tgen normally constructed a week before Ghatasthapana and dismantled only after the festival of Tihar which comes after Dasain. The fervour of worship and sacrifice to Durga and Kali increases.


essay on dashain now and then

Groups of people, both young and old, would come out of their houses at one or two in the morning and walk to the various temples each day till the morning of Bada Dashain. It falls in September to Octorber and lasts for 5 days. People continued to visit their relatives and family members, receiving Dashain tika, jamara and blessings today also, At that particular moment the priest intones a welcome, requesting goddess Durga fssay bless the vessel with her presence.

Dashain Festival

Email me about your travel idea https: After the ceremony, the kalasha will be placed in the room. People return from all parts of the world, as well as different parts of the country, to celebrate together.

Literally, Kojagrata means “who is awake”. On this day the goddess Laxmi is given dsahain invitation to visit each and everyone. Anywhere you go the aroma of ‘Vijaya Dashami’ is found. We visit our elders in their home and get tika from them while our younger ones come to our home to receive blessing from us.

The king used to observe the ceremony in Tundikhel while the Phulpati parade was headed towards the Hanuman Dhoka royal palace. People of all ages enjoy in the swings.

Dashain Festival – Nepal’s Biggest, Longest and Most Auspicious Festival

You’ll see numerous people line up to visit Taleju Anc and beg for Goddess’ blessings. Nepal Dawhain in Nepali. On this day, Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and luck, will come to earth and bless the people who didn’t sleep all night.

Traditionally, outsiders and women are not allowed to enter. The tenth day is the day when Mahisasur was slain and the last five days symbolise the celebration of the victory with the blessing of the goddess.


Traditions of Dashain Festival Enthusiastic Nepalese often celebrate Dashain Festival for fifteen days, among which the most important dates are the first, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth and noww tenth. Karna Bahadur Basnet, a local of Rukum district, had left for India along with his family a few If you arrive during a week tjen a festival, it will probably be time for marriage all in the streets.

The ninth day is called Nawami:. The last day of the essah which lies on the full moon day is called ‘Kojagrat’ Purnima. Kalasha is protected from direct sunlight and carefully watered every day.

Popular Nepali and Society in India. The fervour of worship and sacrifice to Durga and Kali increases. Fairs and celebrations are organized during the festival.

After receiving the blessing of goddess Durga, people are ready to work and acquire virtue, power and wealth. Nepalese are killing buffaloes to worship the Goddess Durgar. Driven by the belief that offerings of fresh blood will appease goddess Durgascores of animals and birds are ritually slaughtered especially in the eighth and ninth day of the festival. This page was last edited on 19 May rssay, at