Review of Indonesian and Malayan Affairs 7 2: National Museum of Ethnology. Majalah Dian 20 Previously published in under the same title in Anthropos Customs and legends of Sabah, compiled by students and former students of St.

Contributions to Southeast Asian Ethnography 4: New Straits Times 11 May Development of its Bornean collection, including Bajau references, in the context of South East Asian studies. Maritime people in Southeast Asia. Sabah Times 23 November

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Tales of the sea-robbers of Malaya. Harrisson, Tom Harrisson, Tom The distribution and general character of native pottery in Borneo.

A new look at the Maragtas. Similarly, some books cungsi articles have been included under several topical categories in the topical section. University of Malaya dissertation. The Crown Agents for the Colonies. Asia Magazine 12 June Kata tiga bahasa [A trilingual phrase book]: Bambi bin Ungap Tapadong: Times 27 June Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Annktated. First reader in Dusun First reader in Dusun Ranau: Tan, Johnny Batu lunguyan.


Social organizations of Sabah societies, ed. Ethnicity and local politics in Malaysia: Nunga binte Latip and Alanna Reflections on culture change in a Sabah kampong: A discussion of transition strategies and specific transitional devices. Social relations in a Kadazan village of Sabah, Malaysia.

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The 2nd edition was published in as the Sabah Museum Monograph, No. Dusun riddles of Sabah.

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Masyarakat yang termaju di Sabah. Hongkod Koisaan Penampang, Sabah. Wan Yusof Hassan fujgsi Siti Sejarah dan adat tradisi [Iranun: George, James and Kimpono, narrator I Kundingking om dapu romboton.

Studies in honor of Richard S. Cerita dongeng Kadazan [Kadazan folk tales. Reprinted in Roth, Sabah dan Sarawak Guriting and Ahnotated Lasimbang, 1— Protes terhadap nilai barat. Archaeology and prehistoric anthropology are not included except when they are related to a particular ethnic group.

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Folk medicine and ethnohistory in Southeast Asia. Notes on the historiography of Malay piracy and the nature of political power in Borneo. James, Gimfil James, Gimfil Dusun dalam pembangunan politik negara: