You then need to decide on where within the level the mark should fall. This approach has generated improved profits and dividends. The amount that Klick plc can charge its customers for advertising depends mainly on the number of visits to the website by its users. The three ratios that make up Return on Equity are: Ratio Industry average Payables days Receivables days 0. Question 1 and one other from Section A plus Question More information. Setting up a Business.

Klick plc is in a market that changes rapidly in terms of both innovation and consumer tastes. Ideas are communicated with some structure evident and with occasional use of technical terms. The arguments made within a response may, overall, relate well to the given context recognising key aspects of the situation. Information and Communication Technology. Evaluation also assesses candidates quality of written communication. Without measurement, you have no reference to. If the candidate fails to use the figures and only analyses , maximum mark that can be awarded is Level 3 f application and analysis and Level 2 f evaluation F Evaluation, you should award marks using the grid below.

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Start display at page:. Candidates may appreciate the meaning and significance of one pkc of the case in the context of another aspect of the business situation. You will be marked on your ability to: Extracts from financial accounts for Klick plc year ending 31 December Balance sheet Income statement m m Receivables Revenue Cash Cost of sales Total current assets Operating profit Studt Total current liabilities Non-current liabilities Capital employed CIE Guidance for teachers of. Financial and Management Accounting Version 1.


Unit 1 Mark scheme.

A number of Directors are opposed to Mehvish s proposal. Business Studies Setting up a Business Unit 1.

klick plc case study mark scheme

The standardisation process ensures that the mark scheme covers the students responses to questions and that every associate understands and applies it in the same crect way. For our curriculum in Grade 12 we are going to use ratios to analyse the information available in the Income statement and the Balance sheet. Students will not be rewarded f simply dropping the company name product categy into their answer.

In this case, the mark may be adjusted upward to the maximum f E2. AQA retains the copyright on all its publications.


Specification Unit 2: Nigel Campbell 3 years ago Views: Specification Schemme 4: If not, it is limited? Zak decided to focus on the news content rather than on other areas of the business. Mark Scheme Version 3.

klick plc case study mark scheme

Answer has a casf structure throughout with effective use of technical terms. F example, students may be asked to build up an argument that shows understanding of cause and effect. An HR strategy consists of the methods employed by an ganisation to make the most effective use of its wkfce in der to achieve its HR objectives.


Students use relevant business they and select infmation from a range of sources, using appropriate methods, to analyse business problems and situations. A mainly descriptive reference to the context. The shareholders wanted a significant and rapid increase in profits in order to enable greater dividends to be paid.

In some cases, you may need to read me than one paragraph to follow through an argument to its conclusion. A significant issue is whether they are prepared to accept the greater risk of Mehvish s proposal makr the hope of gaining greater rewards. Fields and further mechanics Final Mark Scheme Version 1. Good application could include: This had resulted in a fall in the share price.

klick plc case study mark scheme

Mark Scheme Mark schemes are prepared. Setting up a Business. A conclusion that directly answers the question based upon pri analysis A consideration of the sht term benefits such as improved profitability and employee efficiency, compared to the potential long term costs resulting from the male issues and loss of skilled employees Weighing up whether the strategy benefited the shareholders me than the employees 11 of