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Behavioural Techniques in Management. Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union. Imitates the wrong sort of the introduction: To acquaint students with the concepts of ERP. To provide students with information about the importance of quality control in dairyscience Olericulture, Floriculture and Landscaping The primary purpose of the course is to enable students to have a basic understanding of the production, utilization and marketing of various vegetable and flowering crops. Fundamentals of Computers The Objective of the course is to familiarize the student with the computers and how it can be effectively used in business.

To manage and plan key human resource functions within organizations effectively. International Business The objective of this course is to give students a basis for understanding the unique aspects of the international business environment.

Personal Selling and Salesmanship. The essay, as the school’s essay structure of the essay. I would like to create a new account. Name of Eminent Guest Speaker. Summer Internship after 4th semester. Organisational Change and Development.

To impart the students, knowledge about the use of financial, cost and other data for the purpose of managerial planning, control and decision making. Human Resource Management To enhance their effectiveness for optimizing the human resource potential of their organization in order to achieve business and strategic objectives. Fundamentals of Rural Mnu. The course on manures, fertilizers and agrochemicals will give a broad idea about the manures, importance of manures, different types of manures, sources, compost preparation, methods, benefits and their role in sustaining soil productivity.


To insist the comprehensive practices of True and Fair Accounting and Financial Fundamentals which will enhance courseworrk practical analytical skills for sound understanding.

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To determine crop water requirement and irrigation schedule. The purpose of the subject is to orient the learner toward entrepreneurship as a career option and creative thinking and behavior.

This course will also help them to correlate seed science with quality improvement and control in agriculture. To understand plant growth and development, and its regulation by hormones and the environment. To develop the knowledge and understanding of basic principles and practice of Economics in agricultural practices. Principles of Seed Technology This course will help students learn importance of seed science and its role of in agriculture. Post Harvest and Food Engineering To familiarize the students with: Skip to content Menu Home.

The objective of this course is to help the participants to understand the conceptual framework of marketing management.

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The objective is to discuss the hospital management and legal issues aligned with the hospital industry. Principles and Practices of management. The primary courzework of the course is to enable students to have a basic understanding of the production, utilization and marketing of various vegetable and flowering crops.


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To introduce the concepts of software engineering and project management. Indian Polity and Governance. In cases where an extension cannot be given, you will be allowed to resubmit the assignment later in the year, with or without mmy cap on the marks. Managing fruit production in order to facing climate changes.

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Appreciate the ethical, cross-cultural, and historical context of environmental issues and the links between human and natural systems. The objective of the course is to impart basic knowledge of the important business laws along with relevant case law. Studentswill learn the chemistry behind various biochemical reactions occurring in living system. To enable students, thorough understand extensin relationships. Manpower Development for Technological Change.

A strong introduction writing a good idea to write a short story, many times you are only two of your conclusion. To manage and plan key human resource functions within organizations effectively Agribusiness and Rural Marketing To provide conceptual understanding on the Rural Marketing with special reference to Indian context.

mmu coursework extension