Although one hospital and two health centres were destroyed, access to health care actually improved after the eruption, with the temporary waving of charges. Tools API – Real-time data stream to power next-generation apps. Yet aid workers persisted in treating people like children who could not be trusted with their pocket money. The epidemiological surveillance programme showed a large increase in total attendances at the two hospitals and 18 functioning primary health care centres after the eruption Fig. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Another important aspect, in the longer term, is mitigating risk by planning the future development of Goma in such a way as to minimize the impact of a future eruption. Interviews were held with local officials, the staff of the city’s utilities, and workers for NGO’s and international agencies in Goma. This report is a contribution for health sector preparedness and the involvement of the health sector in the on-going risk management of this crisis. A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since The loss of the commercial centre and housing has meant a loss of jobs and disruption of the economy. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since In , most of the refugees entered through Goma between July 14 and 17, and the cholera epidemic began almost immediately.

This hazard is directly related to the geo-morphology nyiragong the area the flanks of the two volcanoes and Lake Kivu as the main source of drinking water in Goma. For this studdy and crucial need, only cash would do. The volcano is therefore one of a long list of threats to life in Eastern Congo, including conflict and human rights abuses, a range of highly lethal infectious diseases endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, malnutrition, and the long-term mental and physical consequences of poverty.

But perhaps the aid community could be radical and say that people, especially adults, have a right to misuse their cash. In view of the scientific uncertainties involved any risk assessment must be probabilistic, taking folcano account a range of possible scenarios and their casualty consequences.


The relatively small loss of life in the January eruption less than deaths in a population ofwas remarkable, and psychological stress was reportedly the main health consequence in the aftermath of the eruption. For the local people, as Tazieff learned, the volcano was a resting place for the souls of their ancestors.

Human health and vulnerability in the Nyiragongo volcano crisis DR Congo Jun 2002

Food security in the occupied Palestinian territory. Large lava fountains are associated with the flank eruptions of Nyramuragira. The potential for carbon dioxide emissions has been known for a long time, as there are numerous dry gas vents in the area, especially near Lake Kivu, that emit carbon dioxide, and occasionally lead to deaths in humans.

If it circulates in the economy somewhere then it is doing its job.

nyiragongo volcano case study

After the eruption, most of the people whose homes were destroyed by the lava took up occupancy with families in homes that were undamaged. Stufy of magma rising beneath Goma or Lake Kivu should be feasible, using a telemeter seismic monitoring network. The very fluid lava flows were not considered to be a nyiragingo threat to Goma. Another issue was the minor explosions linked to stuudy ground gas in Goma in the days after the eruption, the scattered fires on the lava flows and the pervading smell of methane in the air of the city.

However, a planned degassing of Lake Kivu would be an important undertaking to consider in the light of the successful first attempt at degassing Lake Nyos, Cameroon, by an international team of experts led by Halbwachs this began in March and ran successfully until January when it developed a fault – further funding is awaited to enable this to be rectified. Submit Content Share information through ReliefWeb to better inform humanitarians worldwide.

Volcanoes – Revision 3 – KS3 Geography – BBC Bitesize

An underwater lava eruption near Goma would prompt the evacuation of the city and its environs in the same way as for a lava eruption into the city. Decisions on the short or long-term evacuation of the population because of a renewed threat from the volcano have to be weighed against the hazards to health from disrupting the precarious lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


Car traffic was held up for two hours by the border guards. The search for truth: The fear of giving cash New aid workers are warned by older and wiser nyiravongo never to give cash to beneficiaries.

The case for cash: Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption – ODI HPN

The risks of moving the population out of Goma to reduce the loss of life in an eruption have to be balanced against the risks to life from infectious disease, malnutrition and violence that are likely to accompany a mass exodus.

About 30, people stayed in the west part of the city during the eruption, and this area is not on the network.

nyiragongo volcano case study

Lower down in the Munigi area, the eruption appears to have been more gas driven. In the remotest villages, e.

Tietze has performed the most comprehensive study of the gas problem in Lake Kivu. The lack of fires spreading further in the city bolcano an unexpected finding and significantly reduced the overall hazard.

Case study of a Volcanic eruption : Mt. Nyiragongo

There are three principal volcano scenarios presented in the draft plan that will need to be expanded upon in more detail as part of the Risk Assessment meeting. Two types of lava eruption are hypothesized by scientists. The geomorphology of the lake, including its great depth and proximity to an active volcanic centre, underlie its present hazardous, gas-laden state. The two teams, who have worked in full collaboration with one another, have published their reports,1,2 including one by P.

Visits were made to Sake and camps for displaced persons. In the absence of the requisite government structures, the NGO’s have a critical presence in the dissemination of information.

This is a relatively small risk by any standards and one that many people would take rather than evacuate.