Speed adds flexibility Fast response adds the capability for operations to the flexibility dealing with urgent things. The general manager of Penang Mutiara mentioned that Penang Mutiara hired the stuffs that are polite and friendly towards the guests. A software developer may relocate its entire operation to India or China where skill labour is available at rates significantly less than in European countries. The difference between the two measures is explained in terms of the distinction between the cost of the inputs to the operation and the way the operation is managed to convert inputs into outputs. Flexibility will accord different demands and needs to fast handle with making change or decisions. In spite of its high ‘material’ costs, however, an individual supermarket can do little Low cost is a universally attractive objective Cost could mean

They aim at providing impeccable quality and customer orientated strategy to provide a personal touch as part of its uniqueness to retain customers. Dependability means doing things in time for customers to receive their goods or services exactly when they are needed, or at least when they were promised. Operations look to the long term. Penang Mutiara background [Online] Available at: Staffing to support business strategy [Online] Available at: Flexibility can help in saving resources. Eventually it is taken to the press area, pressed into shape and again waits to be transported to the paint area.

For example, a bank may choose to locate its call centres in a place where its facility-related costs for example rent are cheaper.

These are as follows: You choose the strategic driver for your organization[Online] Available at: Externally supportive Yet Hayes and Wheelwright capture the growing importance of operations management by ay a further stage – stage 4. Single-factor productivity can include the effects of input costs if the single input factor.


Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

From the general manager comment, Penang Mutiara hotel was support with luxury ambience by using stylish design and top-class materials. Most companies will have some kind of strategy but it is the operation that puts it into practice.

Indeed, they were able to secure a position in this highly competitive industry. This service makes a small profit because the revenue from both customer charges and from some of the more valuable recycled materials exceeds the operation’s running costs. Read Full Essay Save. View my complete profile.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Definition of strategic driver[Online]Available at: Flexibility means change what operationzl do. The measure that is most frequently used to indicate how successful an operation is at doing this is productivity.

Eventually it is taken to the press area, pressed into shape and again waits to be transported to the paint area. So, voluntary workers in a charity may be employees, shareholders and customers all at once. Over the years it has built up close relationships with its customers chefs as well as its suppliers around the world fishing companies and fish farms. Adding the advertisement through TV, internet, high-income reader journal or fashion magazines and newspaper.

Penang Mutiara background [Online] Available objdctives A more traditional stance taken by some authorities is that the needs of the market will always be operationql in shaping a company’s strategy. Consider the automobile plant again.

Penang mutiara

The company believes its unique approach to operations management makes it ‘ This has an important side-effect – it greatly helps us to maintain the motivation of our staff. With business travel growing at a faster pace than leisure, Wernie should expand target group pwnang include corporate, business travel package and tourist group to bring in more profits.


While implementing operation changes, Wernie must be able to deal with cultural changes and changes in mindset of the staff in order to succeed in any minor or major restructuring of operations management of the hotel. Try to place appropriate operations practice: In responding to road accidents especially, every second is critical. Achieving high customer satisfaction will lead to the likelihood that the customer will return. This allows different operations to be compared excluding the effects of input costs.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

Sunday, August 21, Case Study: Any deviation from the plan will very soon be noticed by customers. Clear link strategy and operations practice. A flexible hospital might be able to minimize the disruption by possibly having reserved operating theatres for such an emergency and being able to bring in quickly medical staff who are ‘on call’.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Some external stakeholders have a direct commercial relationship with the organization, for example suppliers and customers; others do not, for example industry regulators. Notes on chapter 1 Source: