That is SUCH high praise. Please do let me know how it all works out! There is no assigned seating for families, but there will be plenty of it. Business photo showcasing Specializes in the organizing seminars Color Graduation Hat with Tas graduates listening to key speaker at graduation ceremony U. Shop Hundreds of Army Shirt Designs.

He training at Fort Benning Georgia. Fort Jackson Basic Training is 10 weeks long. They finally get to us in about 3 minutes and they stand at parade rest. Hi Stacey, Thank you so much for making this website. That being said, families are always invited to the graduation weekend activities! I am so excited about this because there were so many things to do down in Columbus, GA who would have thought?!

Before all else, consider weather. Plan on blowing most of a day. And the format will just depend on the venue. We have been to a basic training graduation before and know what it consist of.

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You can also check the training website for specifics as well. It was just an amazing spectacle, and a short but awesome ceremony! There is no limit to how many family members, loved ones, or friends you can invite.

osut graduation speech

February 2, 15 Comments. The next day was graduation.


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Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain the types of communication in Basic Training. There will be plenty of time to catch up or get serious details like future assignments, next trainings, etc. Vice President Joe Biden was the commencement speaker. There will graduaion hundreds of soldiers on the field who all look the same with shaved heads in their Class A uniforms.

Send a private message to cwatson His graduation ceremony is on the 2nd.

It is a wealth of knowledge. Conceptual photo asking demonstrating to work for organization without being paid Graduation Cap with Tassel Restin graduates listening to key speaker at graduation ceremony U. If I know how long to expect the ceremony to be, it will make the legistics of getting home easier.

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But if the graduation ksut indoors in the middle of winter, no one expects you to wear a dress. He was finally released around 7: This is why its KEY for your soldier to have brought his phone. While it is extremely unlikely that your soldier will be allowed to call during this time, it is still possible.

There are also plenty of little eateries, coffeeshops, and shops.

osut graduation speech

If the event is indoors, the soldiers will most likely cross the stage one by one instead of in formation and there will be a video about their achievements. Remember that the day is about them. Others will have 15 minutes to hug and talk before they board a bus for Airborne school. I receive many emails asking how many people are allowed to attend graduation. Grads listen to speaker at graduation ceremony Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.


Then you’ll want get dinner, ect Amy January 12,4: Also during airborne, will they get weekends off? It was Thursday July 23, and I woke up extra early, curled my hair, did my makeup, dressed in my pretty yellow romper, and was ready to see my love after 3.

Of course, my son knows no details, so I gradhation relying on all of you for help. Grwduation Greenert speaks to members of the U.

osut graduation speech

Usually, there is a family day around the same time basic graduatiom would have been around week mark but it depends on the class. So I do see they have changed quite a bit.