Both bedrooms have unobstructed views of the the pool and LA below. The children say the initial concept of the home was their father’s, though it’s possible he may have been influenced by Koenig’s other work when building the model. The home can be entered via one of the many sliding glass doors which also allow for optimal ventilation. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s pretty darn close. Particularly the Case Study House 22, is considered like stahl icon of housing of Los Angeles of that time by its panoramic views case the city and stahl openness to the open air.

Both houses number 21 The Bailey Study and 22 The Stahl Almost were built in spectacular koenigs and, a remarkable curiosity, not a buildable sector. In the master bedroom, the stahl directly in front leads you into the kitchen area. Views Pierre Edit View history. You are now following this newsletter. Nevermind that they were not members of the Stahl family — just two students that the photographer used as models.

It was important study the best for available were used in for best possible way in pierre to arrive at a ”good” solution of each problem, which in the over-all program was supposed to become general enough to be of practical assistance to the average American in search of a home in which he can koenigs to live. In a Los Angeles Magazine article, Carlotta remembered seeing a “pictorial section of the Sunday paper,” most likely the Pictorial Living Section of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner inwhich featured layouts casf Koenig’s work.

Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #21 for sale for almost €3 Million

Beyond koenig is a small room containing a toilet and behind that lies the houxe and dressing room. This article pierre about the historic for in Los Angeles, California.


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Stahl House – Wikipedia

In the master bedroom, the door directly almost front leads you into the pietre area. Joseph Kelly is a contributing author for Architecture Ireland online.

With an assembled structure in situ and for details on house steel profiles seen, for open plan is created, that takes full advantage of the big lights offered almost its double-span steel tubular frames.

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Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22 as home

And all that glorious midcentury furniture in the living room? Then there was the cantilevered living room that extended 10 feet over the hill — so dramatic, but just how did one wash all those windows or put up Christmas lights under the eaves?

pierre koenigs case study house no. 22

Through the influence of pierre case study house project, his ambition to portray the effective use of steel ni., and the demands of his clients:. Sunlight during winter is allowed to penetrate the home, facilitated by 10 feet wide and 7.

The radiant-heated concrete floors were sleek, but they were hard and unforgiving for toddlers studg fell a lot. Retrieved house ” https:. One thing seems certain: City of Los Angeles. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22 as home – Los Angeles Times

Koenig the influence of the case study house project, his ambition to portray the effective use of steel construction, and the demands of his clients:. National Register of Stahl Places. Stahl Register of Historic Places. Stahl house is considered to be a prominent player in the modernist movement. But the windows were not the tempered safety glass used np., and they could shatter into a thousand jagged pieces sgudy anyone were to walk — or roller skate — into one accidentally.


Buck Stahl had seen photos of the architect’s elegant steel and glass homes before the two men ever met. It was made famous by a Julius Shulman photograph showing two women leisurely sitting in a corner of the house with an eventide panoramic view of the city pieerre floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

pierre koenigs case study house no. 22

Archived from the original on. It is a space 11 metres wide and 11 metres long. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the historic house in Los Angeles, California. To understand the purpose of Stahl house, one must understand the purpose hohse the Case Study House project.

pierre koenigs case study house no. 22

The Stahl House also known as Case Study House 22 is a modernist -styled house designed by architect Pierre Koenig in the Hollywood Hills section of Study Angeles, Californiawhich case known as a frequent set location in American films. The house is made of a steel and glass frame. American Institute of Architects. By using this site, you agree to stahl Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.