With an eye laid on consumer marketing, in which brands often provide the differentiation between competitive propositions, a principal aspect in the success of brands and ultimately companies is described. Harvard Business Review, 75 1 , A more beautiful game. Most of the brand associations and especially the attitude held by consumers are not controlled by the firm. In addition, the model controls for the effect the overall amount of money spent on player transfers, as well as which league the team is positioned in.

These statistics show a sample with a minimum of valid responses. Firstly the regression equation is established and the author of this thesis follows a multiple regression analysis due to the several independent variables used in the model formula Malhotra, The observation regarding the facet of esteem, describes the emotional connection a fan may have with the club, show that respondents who feel a sense of accomplishment when their team wins visit the stadium about one game less per season looking at the overall sample in the first division as well as the general respondents. The relevance of these findings with regard to the research questions and subsequently to the problem statement will be assessed. Combining the findings regarding the level of education it can be assumed that older and less educated people visit the stadium more frequently. It is examined whether the respondents enjoy the gracefulness and the natural elegance of the game. Furthermore, the overall influence of benefits on match attendance can only be partly confirmed as the prior description have shown and H4f.

Product-related attribute success is positively related to match attendance. Sport Marketing Quarterly, Number 4, Volume 6.


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Additionally, the author of this thesis followed two analyses, which deepened the discussion of the marketing-finance interface. Benefits that stimulate experiential needs such as variety, cognitive stimulation or sensory14 pleasure related to what it feels like to use the brand and correspond to both non-product and product-related attributes Keller,p.

The author of this thesis emphasis on match attendance suggests elaborating wbe the group with the highest attendance rates.

Consumer abilities to recall brands compose brand awareness. The attendance rates show that around 40 percent go more than ten times per season and the average number of visits per season is nine per respondent. Brand equity is a vital asset that sports organizations are increasingly learning to leverage and thereby direct and augment their marketing efforts.

sbe boun thesis

Interesting are the findings regarding the individual contributions of the variable items. New directions for marketing in football. Answering the formerly specified problem statement, it has been found that, with respect to behavioral loyalty, benefits and product related attributes have a positive influence on ticket sales. The harmonic mean of the group sizes is used. Capitalizing on the value of a brand name.

The regression analysis is multiple fhesis analysis because the formula consists of several independent variables Thfsis, Residual -1, 3,1, Deleted Residual32,8, Stud. In what conditions there is exemption from proof of English proficiency?


Do product-related attributes APR influence ticket sales tickets positively? Between Groups54,Within Groups77, TotalRobust Tests of Equality of Means How many matches are attended in the last season? The criteria for successful service brands. The model continues to compare the effect of benefits on match attendance to the effect of attributes on match attendance. Pharmacologic effects of theophylline in the newbornJ.


sbe boun thesis

Current Knowledge and Future Directions. Pay inequalities and team performance: Nevertheless, the results tbesis the regression output reveal interesting findings.

A detailed focus will be on the element of brand equity and its underlying relations to brand associations and their measures. Resulting from the literature review, section 2 will develop the conceptual model along with specific hypotheses.

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Overall, these results give quite interesting inputs for the discussion what people seek when attending a match. The first is the financial analysis e.

sbe boun thesis

Understanding brand equity for successful brand extension. Determinants of Minor League Baseball Attendance. Welch 11, 9, Brown-Forsythe 10, 9, a. Product-related attribute Star Player is positively correlated to match attendance.

Around 70 percent of the respondents feel they have won when their team wins and even approximately 80 percent feel a sense of accomplishment when their team wins. Furthermore, the amount of money spent for player transfers is presented, with a maximum amount of Additional details are provided in the Appendix H.

Combining the findings regarding the level of education it can be assumed that older and less educated people visit the stadium more frequently.