The Set Works include: Students and parents can access this through their accounts or by filtering the results. Health and Social Care Aims This subject offers students the opportunity to learn about those around us — the growth and development of the different life stages of humans and the many factors that affect these. If students have aspirations to follow a career in the health and social care sector, careers interviews can be arranged. Upcoming New Version This new version has been designed to make sure that our site is faster and a lot more resilient, there is also a whole new user interface which will make using SMHW visually easier and more intuitive.

Show My Homework Get in touch ; Status. Dance Analysis, Theory and practice. It is particularly suited to those that wish to enter into the caring professions e. You can check your browser and that it is up to date by using this link:. It also helps you to understand and appreciate a variety of cultures, views and ideas while also being able to develop and distinguish your own opinions.

If more specific careers support is needed then students can contact the careers office for guidance. Link to the specification website: Creative Articulate Resilient Empathetic Reflective Self aware We believe that in order to access a broad and balanced curriculum, all students need to be confident and proficient in the bardxley skills of Reading, Writing, Communication and Mathematics and these are given the highest priority at all times.


New Version Introduction Video https: Year 8 Hours per Fortnight.

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The students will have the opportunity to present their dances in the School Dance Show; furthermore, some students will be entered into regional Dance competitions. Home Learning A variety of aczdemy is set on a regular basis to reinforce classroom learning. PDF The students frqnces study: ParentPay is the market leading online payment service for schools and families. A wide variety of teaching strategies are used in Health and Social care to make the lessons fun, challenging and informative.

Alignmentactionsstrengthdynamic variationsspatial awareness, focus, musicality, timing, communication and interpretation. Critical Appreciation of Dance Choice of aural setting.

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Students are assessed each term to determine individual progress using Exam success criteria. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy. Equipment All students are expected to have the usual equipment for learning with them.

Link to the specification website: Easy online homework management.

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Contemporary Dance there is not an option for street, jazz or any other style of dance on the syllabus. I have included these Tutorial Videos that demonstrate the basic changes. The Academy seeks to ensure that its curriculum is delivered via well planned and engaging lessons which challenge all students whatever their ability or starting point. We believe in a set of key learner attributes which we aim to develop in each of our learners. As the students progress into Year 13, they are encouraged to visit universities for open days relevant to their chosen pathway.


Overall communication of dance idea. Home Learning Types of activities: The Routledge Dance Studies Reader.

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Accurate reproduction of action and spatial content, with reference to the choreography and the characteristic features of the particular chosen dance. Homework Club Mondays and Wednesdays 3: Area of study includes: Set in a stunning building and extensive grounds. Practical examination francfs externally assessed 75 marks Two sections: You account using your Google account.

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During the group dance unit students will watch each others work and give feedback using the success criteria. Critical Appreciation of Dance.

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It also helps you to understand and appreciate a variety of cultures, views and ideas while also being able to develop and distinguish your own opinions. Show My Homework ; Staff. Spatial awareness, sensitivity, choreographic devices, group formations, focus between dancers, relationship to dance idea, safe practice, musicality, timing and the use of contact work.