It is highly sensitive with high accuracy rate, especially in diagnosing malignancy. For the autonomous toxic nodule, the treatment is either by radioactive iodine or surgical resection. Among female patients 38 We have performed hemi thyroidectomy in benign nodules as reported by FNAC. Also it provides fantastic magnification of thyroid anatomy, including the recurrent laryngeal nerve, superior laryngeal nerve and the parathyroid glands. Percutanous ethanol injection under sonographic guided is a relatively safe, low cost, outpatient method of treatment that has been applied successfully as an alternative to surgery for the management of benign and malignant lesions of various tissues and organs.

Ultrasonography is the most cost-effective imaging procedure, and is highly sensitive in assessing nodule size and number. It helps to avoid unnecessary extensive surgery and potential surgery related adverse effects, such as hypothyroidism, hypocalcemia, and recurrent laryngeal nerve injury. Recently, the third option for the treatment of toxic nodules is percutaneous ethanol injection. For the cystic nodules, aspiration is both diagnostic and curative, with post aspiration observation. The chance of malignancy is more in those nodules where USG shows solid echogenicity, presence of micro calcification in nodule and associated lymphadenopathy. Only 14 pages are availabe for public view. Anti-Gal3 antibody immunoreactivity was observed in 7 out of 8 cases

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of the apparent diffusion coefficient ADC values in the differentiation between malignant and benign solitary thyroid nodules. During surgery, the site and type of incision were decided.

Malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule: A clinicoradiopathological evaluation

Thyroid nodules are common. These markers accurately distinguish benign from malignant thyroid nodules, even in the subset of cytologically indeterminate FNABs. Central node dissection was done in all malignant cases with Thgroid showing lymph node enlargement and also in cases with intra operative enlarged nodes. Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland is used in soltary the true solitary thyroid nodule from those with multinodular gland.


On postoperative histopathology, 58 nodules were reported as malignant.


Carcinoma thyroid in multi and uninodular goiter. Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland is used in differentiating the true solitary thyroid nodules from those within a multinodular gland. J Ind Acad Clin Med. A detailed local examination was done in zolitary cases followed by systemic examination.

Other less common symptoms were pain, hoarseness and dysphagia. Objective of the study was to study the clinco-pathological correlation of solitary thyroid nodule and the incidence of malignancy. Keywords Benign solitarj, Malignant, Solitary thyroid nodule.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

Predictive value of ultrasound and color-Doppler features. In follicular neoplasm, subtotal thyroidectomy with histological examination of the nodule is performed. The result of our study shows that the incidence of malignancy in STNs is indeed high. Preoperative ultrasonography USG and fine-needle aspiration cytology were planned in all these patients. In a study from Nigeria, the authors have described malignancy in1 out of the 13 cases of STN 7.

In other malignant lesions, total or near total thyroidectomy is performed with adjuvant treatment according to the type of malignancy, except in lymphoma whose response to chemotherapy and external radiation give good results. This warrants education to people to consult physicians for early diagnosis and tyyroid treatment without being passive as most of these swellings are asymptomatic for long duration.


Malignancy is more common in females.

Male gender, normal thyroid volume, single nodularity, nodule hypo echogenicity, size and blurred margins were also associated with malignancy, but not significantly. Cell block preparation was non-contributary in 26 out of 61 cases Financial support and sponsorship Nil.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

Patients with benign solitary thyroid nodules who had diploid DNA were having higher proliferative indices. Hemithyroidectomy was performed for patients showed benign criteria, suspicious criteria or unsatisfactory criteria by FNAB with diploid DNA.

For all cases, histopathological examination of the corresponding surgical samples, and immunohistochemical analysis of cell block specimens to detect antibody reactivity against Cytokeratin, HBME-1, and Galectin-3 were also performed.

Ultrasonography is the most cost-effective imaging procedure, and thryoid highly sensitive in assessing nodule size and number. As for the management, a good history must be taken with a full clinical examination.

Induction of neoplasms in the thyroid gland of the rat by x-irradiation of the gland. It included all the patients with clinically detected STN who had undergone thyroidectomy between June and May Study of solitarh in between benign and malignant tumors of solitary thyroid nodule.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

In this study, we have analyzed our departmental data over a period of 5 years.