What in summer Bio was gross slides on a PowerPoint is now a work of artistry, something glazed over by the naked eye but perfected by the few with doctorates. Through this short story Seltzer teaches us about the knife, chemo, X-rays, medicine ad a whole and the points at which it and humankind collide: Richard selzer the knife analysis essay Egne menninger i essay short autobiographical essays immaturity in romeo and juliet essay who is to blame. I used to feel like surgery was used to fix something that needed to be broken, but that something would most likely go wrong. Beneath all our layers and imperfections, our faults and our fears we are naked, lying empty and open on an operating bed, vulnerable to anyone and anything.

Through his mind we see beauty as if this dance he does with the scalpel his partner we watch through rose-colored glasses. The metaphors are unending and each adds a new layer to his image of an operation. Beneath all our layers and imperfections, our faults and our fears we are naked, lying empty and open on an operating bed, vulnerable to anyone and anything. We expect doctors to make sense of the treachery, reclaim our bodies for us. However, he is humble of this and in a sense of religious worship, he builds a literary shrine for his master— the knife.

Only to be contrasted in the next sentence with its cold strength.

this to say about that: “The Knife” by Richard Selzer

The preparation for the profession is immense, seemingly only achievable to those who put horse-blinders on their life and fling themselves in a direction of complete discipline, as sterile as the pastel linoleum hospital hallways and the instruments on the surgery-side tray tables. He takes the calculations, the science, the chemistry, the dosages and the latin terminology out of medicine and leaves us with nothing but black words on a white page, infused with sixty shades of speculation and creative thought that have always seemed invisible in the hospital they speak of.


Did anyone else feel that Selzer was like Eggers in the respect that he used his internal chatter to get certain points across? Not only does he yearn to be able to comfort his patients and feel the slightest contempt for the nurse, he is ashamed of it. Beneath all our layers and imperfections, our faults and our fears we are naked, lying empty and open on an operating bed, vulnerable to anyone and anything.

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His numerical division of his work into twenty four categories made the piece much more engaging and appealing to the reader instead of utilizing the traditional writing structure.

Though I don’t tend to write about anything current, so I doubt there’s much here to spoil anybody.

Since the writing is so vivid, I imagined him cutting open my own skin. The fear we have of the knife esxay not be a fear of the knife itself, but of the things us humans do with it, and once we clean our eyes of knive yellowed, thousand-year-old, crust, we too may find its beauty. Next Page More Essays. Selzer fears the power of the knife and the submission that it effects.

the knife essay selzer

As readers we move through the piece like the surgeon with great thought and care. He sees the beauty literally within humans, as these insides look the same in everyone.

For me it seemed like the purpose of the story was ,nife examine the contradiction of healing a person by cutting them open and to reveal many of the other complexities of surgery. I was making vivid pictures of the surgery room, the scalpel, and the knife itself. essau


richard selzer the knife essay

Email required Address never made public. Comparing a scar to a verse addresses the beauty of scars.

The Knife By Richard Selzer. I often found his thoughts to be jumbled and intense. He is able to see the beauty of what the knife can do, but can not escape the atrocities that it has committed, and thus he has committed by guiding it.

He calls attention to surgery as a form of expression, the most social, human, and personal of all arts.

the knife essay selzer

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Essay word limit under. That is what I got from this essay — that the knife is partner. It made me think of surgery in a whole new way.

The knife can cut through anything just as the truth often does. Once we learned that the patient has cancer the essay picks up the pace until the operation is over.

Esxay selzer the knife essay confessions of a knife Richard selzer the knife essay confessions of a knife. Selzer explores the different roles that a doctor can play: He holds no hands. Against Careless and Fragmented Reviews.

Do lnife believe it was effective? I think Selzer was trying to use the knife as a metaphor for many concepts in the world other than the ones he addressed such as love, religion, and life.

Comments 11 Comments Categories Uncategorized. The reader gets an inside view of his job. The opportunity stays the same.