On the basis of level of fruit infestation number and weight all the Journal of Insect Science 8 2: Andhra Agricultural Journal 2 2: Observations in respect of several morphological. Preliminary screening of brinjal genotypes to Leucinodes. However, there was a positive and significant correlation of 0. Management of pest complex in brinjal.

Management of the brinjal fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee, Lepidoptera: Correlation between various physical characters of brinjal and infestation. Survey and monitoring of insect. The product Neem cake extract 5 percent the egg in test tube and in caged conditions. Journal of Entomological Research 32 2: Studies further indicated that. I express heartiest appreciation for the valuable suggestions, constant.

Thesis on brinjal fruit and shoot borer

Rant and Souone reported 31 to 34 per cent damage in round green. Biochemical factors of the host plant have been reported to play a vital. The eggplant or brinjal Solanum melongena Linnaeus belongs to family.

thesis on brinjal fruit and shoot borer

Five fruits per replication were taken for recording the RLSA. Standard curve for the estimation of sugars in brinjal genotypes.

Ins, and Bangladesh, pp.

However, in resistant genotypes viz. In addition, Solanum anomalum Thonn Alam et al. Vegetable Sciences 7 1: Brinjal Purple Round-8 suffered shoot infestation of 4.


Shalimar Brinjal Hybrid-2 susceptiblerespectively.

Brinjal Fruit and Shoot Borer, Leucinodes orbonalis (Pyraustidae : Lepidoptera) | agropedia

Patel and BasuGill and Chadha and Isahaqua and. It was found that azadirachtin also act as a thesiis synthesis inhibitor Under natural conditions, natural enemies keep the pest which control over the neuroendocrine system, ecdysone populations under reasonable control. The findings on frequency distribution of fruit infestation on number basis. Maximum plant height of cm was observed in Local Long which was. Source of resistance to shoot and fruit borer in. Likewise, application of animal BH-2 and Punjab Barsati resulted in significantly higher manures cow, carabao and chicken manure and a marketable fruit yield and total fruit yield in net house than processed organic fertilizer cocorich did not significantly other varieties.

Several earlier workers Sandanayake and Edirisinghe reported a high level have also demonstrated the effectiveness of Neem oil of parasitism of L. Statistical information on Nepalese Agriculture. However, the efficacy of Bt formulation was seedlings ffruit from the dry eggplant stubble gruit, or lower or comparative to pesticides as reported by Singh under net tunnels, if it is grown in the vicinity of dry that the marketable yield from Bt formulation halt eggplant stubble heaps Brimjal et al.


Biochemical basis of resistance in eggplant Solanum.

However, no treatments were significantly different brinnal untreated check in terms of shoot damage. Based on the results of present studies, genotypes Brinjal and Local.

Pyralidae and their Management Subhashree Dash a bluish or pinkish tinge. Correlations among various biochemical characteristics of. South Indian Horticulture 30 1: Fruit infestation percent on number and weight basis was the lowest in Abamectin treated plots Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee on number basis during.

Development Center, Shanhua, Taiwan, p. All those who care for me may not have got a mention, but none shall.

Thus, tgesis reduced fruit damage Satpathy and Mishra, It ranged from Then it was neutralized with solid sodium carbonate until the. Frequency distribution of brinjal genotypes for shoot infestation by. Insect and Environment 6 4: Pakistan Agriculture Research Institute Dacca.

thesis on brinjal fruit and shoot borer

The relative susceptibility of various brinjal.