To osteoarthritis and its management by panchtikta ghrita guggulu. It is estimated that approximately four out of people are affected by it. Tikta Rasa has Vayu and Akasha Mahabhuta in dominance. Abstract Sandhigata Vata is the commonest form of articular disorder. Tikta Rasa is also has got Jwaraghna and Daha Prashamana properties that it may act as anti-inflammatory agent and can reduce the pain and swelling of the joints. Chaukhamba bharti academy, varanasi:

It shows that there is no direct role of S. Whereas such type of conditions can be better treatable by the management and procedures mentioned in Ayurvedic classics. Journal List Ayu v. Among the female patients Chaukamba sanskrit series, varanasi. According to sex Asthi – Majjavaha Srotodushti was found in all the patients.

It being a Vatavyadhilocated in Marmasthisandhi and its occurrence in old age makes it Kashtasadhya. Find articles by V. No patients found unchanged and mild improved.

Pharmacologically Guggulu has got the properties of anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-lipidaemic action. This data also supported by literary data. Among them Sandhigata Vata stands top in the list.

Ghrita also contains vitamin D which plays an important role to utilize calcium and phosphorous in blood and bone building 9. In group A, in left knee joint flexion percentage of relief was In this study total 49 patients having the complaints of Osteoarthritis were randomly divided sanshigata 2 groups. The medicine applied locally is also absorbed by the skin and exerts its effects locally.



Swedana relieves the stiffness, heaviness and coldness of the body and produce sweating. Due to its Ruksha and Vishada Guna it acts as a Medohara.

thesis on sandhigata vata

Vata-Kapha predominance sanhdigata found in Day time sleeping increases Kapha and Meda which leads to weight gain and Agnivaishamya which is a common risk factor for Sandhigata Vata.

Chaukamba sanskrit series, varanasi. Present study reveals that the selected management have potential effect on Sandhigatavata with the added advantage of being free from side effects. Involvement of other joint i.

Management Of Sandhigata Vata (janu Sandhi) With Ayurvedic Approach: A Case Study.

While in hip joint flexion leftpercentage of relief was found Calcium in the etiology or in the prognosis of Osteoarthritis. Walker b r, colledge n r, ralston s h, penmon i. The Tikta Rasa increase the Dhatvagni metabolic stage. Pande g s, chunekar k c.

Tikta Rasa has got Deepana, Pachana and Rochana properties. Parveen Kumar and Smita Kumari. It is a disease of old age. It can be samdhigata that severe osteoarthritis may be managed with Ayurvedic intervention. Fauci, eugene braunwald, editors.

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thesis on sandhigata vata

Osteoarthritis mainly occurs on the weight bearing joints. Find articles by A. Patients suffering from disease like D.

thesis on sandhigata vata

Lack of practice or exercise gradually leads to the weight gain which ultimately leads to Sandhigata Vata. Vos t, flaxman ad, naghavi m et al. Hence sandhgiata treat Sandhigata Vata drugs acting on both Vata and Asthi should be selected. Babu m s r. It can be said, it slows down the degeneration processes.

Shula Pradhana Vedana is the cardinal feature of the disease associated with Sandhishotha with Vata Purna Druti Sparshalack of movements of the joints or painful movement of the joints.