Limits or restrictions imposed on counterparties with which the Company engages in derivative transactions could also prevent the Company from using these instruments. The Adviser, however, will consider rebalancing the portfolio periodically to maintain what it considers to be the appropriate mix of trading styles and investment strategies given its prevailing market views. An investment in a CDO also is subject to the risk that the issuer and the investors may interpret the terms of the instrument differently, giving rise to disputes. Such investments also may be adversely affected by U. The Company will also furnish monthly account statements which include the most recent net asset value per Share of the Company to Shareholders. Allocations to individual strategies within the Company may be selected, among other reasons, because they historically exhibit certain statistical volatility, return and correlation characteristics and, together, are relatively unrelated to the strategies within the Company. The market value of ETN shares may differ from the value of the reference instrument.

Absent that fee, Other Expenses shown above would be 0. In such cases, an Investment Fund or the Company may incur a loss. The Company and the Investment Funds may enter into futures contracts on U. The risks of an investment in a CDO largely depend on the type of underlying collateral securities and the tranche in which an Investment Fund invests. While Yugoslavia was Communist politically it was not options begin to open wine could be seasoned creative juices you can.

The proceeds from the sale of Shares, net of fees and expenses, will be invested by the Company to pursue its investment program and objectives as soon as prosprctus, consistent with market conditions and the availability of suitable investments, after receipt of such proceeds by the Company.

The Adviser is expected to close a transaction during the third quarter of the calendar year which would result in HNA Capital U. The use of leverage will in this way magnify the volatility of changes in the value of investments held by the Investment Funds. These securities and their derivatives may further increase the leverage in the Investment Funds.

thesis optima fund prospectus

Investment decisions for the Investment Funds are made by the Investment Managers optlma of each other and may conflict with each other. In such a case, the Adviser would seek to cause the Company to dispose of these securities in a manner that is in the best interests of the Company.

Some restructuring of the Company or its expense arrangements ultimately may become advisable to address changing needs of those investors and their financial advisers, but no assurance can be given that any thwsis restructuring would adequately address any issues that may arise.


thesis optima fund prospectus

Some ETNs that use leverage can, at times, be relatively illiquid and, thus, they may be difficult to purchase or sell at a fair price. The public equity markets have in the recent past experienced significant price volatility, especially in the technology, finance and energy sectors.

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In addition, the market for lower grade debt securities may be thinner and less active than for higher grade debt securities.

There Are Special Tax Risks. The SEC, FINRA and the national securities exchanges have proposed, adopted or are in the process of implementing several initiatives aimed at addressing the oversight, integrity and resilience of the markets. Prospective investors should understand that the Company may compete with other investment vehicles including funds and accounts managed by SkyBridgeas well as investment and commercial banking firms, which have substantially greater resources, in terms of financial resources and research staffs, than may be available to the Company.

A short sale of a security involves the risk of an unlimited increase in the market price of the security that can in turn result in an inability to cover the short position and a theoretically unlimited loss. In connection with any such transaction, the Investment Fund will receive collateral consisting of cash, U. The sale of such an option exposes the seller during the term of the option to possible loss of opportunity to realize appreciation in the market price of the underlying security or to possible continued holding of a security that might otherwise have been sold to protect against depreciation in the market price of the security.

The Adviser may reallocate assets among Investment Funds, terminate relationships with Investment Funds and select additional Investment Funds, subject in each case to the ultimate supervision of, and any policies established by, the Board of Directors. None of the Company, the Shareholders or the Adviser will have the ability to direct or influence the voting of proxies by the Investment Funds. Certain models make use of discretionary settings or parameters which can have a material effect on the output of the model.

thesis optima fund prospectus

In making an investment decision, an investor must rely upon his, her or its own examination of the Company and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved, of acquiring Shares.

Convertible arbitrage strategies are also subject to risk prospectks to inadequate or misleading disclosure concerning the securities involved.

Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L) Company Profile & Facts

No person has been authorized to make any representations fun the Company that are inconsistent with prosspectus contained in this Prospectus. Charles Hurty born Vice President, SkyBridge — Sinceseveral prominent financial market participants have failed or nearly failed to perform their contractual obligations when due—creating a period of great uncertainty in the financial markets, government intervention in certain markets and in certain failing institutions, severe credit and liquidity contractions, early terminations of transactions and related arrangements, and suspended and failed payments and deliveries.


Borrowings to purchase equity securities typically optiam be secured by the pledge of those securities. Iptima Arbitrage strategies generally involve the simultaneous purchase and short sale of issues of the same issuer. In recent years, trading and clearing volumes across the markets have fluctuated fun depending on market conditions and other factors.

I just explained my prospect of injury presents this epic even once. This is only a synopsis of information to consider before investing. Instruments used and the particular manner in which they may be used may change over time as new instruments and techniques are developed or regulatory changes occur. The Adviser also may abstain from voting from time to time.

If before the end of any quarter of its taxable year, the Company believes that it may fail the Subchapter M asset diversification requirement, the Company may seek to take certain actions to avert such a failure.

Derivatives permit an Investment Manager fujd the Adviser to increase or decrease the level of risk of an investment portfolio, or change the character of the risk to which an investment portfolio is exposed in much the same way as an Investment Manager or the Adviser can increase or decrease the level of risk, or change the character of the risk, of an investment portfolio by making investments in specific securities. Diversified Structured Credit strategy consists mainly fujd making researched investments in a diversified mix of structured credit instruments e.

In addition, prowpectus each offer to repurchase Shares generally will be limited as to the number of Shares eligible to participate, not all Shares or amounts tendered for repurchase in a particular offer may be accepted.

Allocations to individual strategies within the Company may be selected, among other reasons, because they historically exhibit certain statistical volatility, return and correlation characteristics and, together, are relatively unrelated to the strategies within the Company.