To learn more about the products from Articulate, go to http: Retrieved from ” https: Claro’s web based collaborative content creation tool can be accessed by authors using Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari on any platform. Once you are done fine-tuning your eLearning course, you can publish it for your LMS. Adobe have a page on Captivate here: Convert any web presentable content. Create content once and publish courses for any l device without having to recreate the course.

This makes it more difficult to write custom reports, or to debug interactions. Learners and reviewers are able to use any browser or tablet device to access content. With a slide-based content and a really intuitive layout system, it allows you to achieve professional results without any technical knowledge. You will need to un-check the “autostart” mark of the Video object vidoe object is used to insert audio too and then define an action on some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY. Lectora Inspire makes online course development fast and simple.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

pearning The Free version allows you to create and publish interactive Responsive HTML activities, quizzes and learning objects that can be inserted into a Moodle course. You can find out more information about the Atlantic Link products at http: Anyone who needs to develop online product demonstrations, software simulations for e-learning, or online tutorials for user support will find TutorAuthor NG an ideal solution.

Microsoft’s page for LCDS updated to 2. Besides content creation, it is a collaborate environment that enables content developers and reviewers to work together using a central repository with reusable content.

THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning 3.5 free download,free THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning 3.5 download

Using easygenerator ensures your developed courses will be optimized for any device: In addition, you can enhance quizzes with audio, video, images and formulas. Scoring works and is viewable within the tracking details, but does not transfer correctly into the Gradebook.


Coral will convert your content to Flash format and bundle all neccessary files and data for publishing to Moodle or any other SCORM 1.

Claro’s web based collaborative content creation tool can be accessed by authors using Firefox, Rapkd, Chrome and Safari on any platform. Additionally, the SCORM standards allow your content to work automatically with specific components of the course management system for example the gradebookand to track whether a student has completed the lesson.

thesis rapid scorm elearning

Output from the trial version has a watermark on it. The latest version is 3. Composica offers extensive multimedia support, including central repository, thousands of media files, customizable media player, built-in audio recording, automatic narration synchronization and mashups with leading external services such as Fapid, Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Some overly detailed instructions available here: With iSpring Suite, you can use your PowerPoint skills to create quality e-Learning courses, video lectures and assesments fast and easy, without special training. Sporting an easy to use interface based off the Microsoft Ribbon toolbar, Claro includes all the basic content creation features, as well as things like screen recordings, image editing, and extensive interactions.

Just click the green Download button above to start. Work with your Macintosh!

Creating SCORM Content

Flash Quizzes created with PowerQuizPoint is web ready. ActivePresenter allows you to create interactive contents with branching capabilities, quizzes, audios, videos, closed captions, zoom effects, annotations with flexible hotspot, object styling, integration with LMS SCORM 1. The only solution on the market to feature an integrated project management tool, Mohive makes it possible to cut production lead times considerably, especially when many different people are involved.

Professional also features PurePage.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

The software doesn’t create extensive courses, but instead trackable interactive Flash games such as Fling the Teacher and Teacher Invaders. This powerful tool opens the door to SCORM conversion and customization of content not only from inhouse content creators but also from off-the-shelf content providers.


You will need to un-check xcorm “autostart” mark of the Video object vidoe object is rapir to insert audio too and then define an action on some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY.

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Easygenerator comes with multiple question types to tnesis create the most engaging courses: Easygenerator has a free edition but it is not open source. It allows the creation of quizes, slideshows and software emulation.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

THESIS Lite is the entry level product and is the only tool that lets the people in your organization use lfarning entire Microsoft Office suite to create e-Learning content. A commercial tool allowing you to convert Word documents into CMS ready content. Scoem Lectora Online enables a single author to create some very cool learning modules! Received an eLearnings Best of award.

Lectora creates responsive content over which it gives you full control, and ensures wcag 2. Be sure to test all products extensively before purchase, and be sure that the built-in Moodle authoring tools will not meet your needs.

There are some problems with Moodle configuration see http: The THESIS product family provides four application raoid that help an organization create e-Learning objects from virtually any type of lesson content file.