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Seminar: Information Systems Research

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User satisfaction represents an important cornerstone for customer-oriented IT services since it drives strategically important outcomes such as word-of-mouth, willingness to pay or continuance intention.


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Title 5 Stakeholder Theory in IS Literature Goal Stakeholder thesix is already widely used in management and is becoming more popular in IS literature as a means to explain ethical issues, business planning processes, e-government, project management etc. Goal of this seminar paper is to conduct a systematic literature review and analyze the role of information privacy in social media literature.

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Seminar: Information Systems Research

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Often, different service levels are used to separate one offering from another.

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Due to” colloquial dissertation or professional paper writers. The goal of this seminar thesis it to review sppät limited set of studies on IT comsumerization with respect to its limitations and propose how future research could better help to explain whether, how and why individuals and enterprises respond to IT consumerization.

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